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Herow, dead little music comm!

So I uploaded this for Fee yesterday. But now I've decided to share because I just love this song so much. Anyway. Tsunami is a little indie band from the 90's that I doubt anyone has ever heard of. They're fronted by some chick with a nice voice. Have a good time.

Fits and Starts, Tsunami
So this is a song called East Hastings, by a post-rock band called Godspeed You! Black Emperor! Anyway, I was uploading it for Ryal but figured I'd share :) This really is a beautiful song; the second movement, The Sad Mafiso, has the most beautiful buildup I've ever heard. Anyway, enjoy!

East Hastings, Godspeed You! Black Emperor!

God, it's soooo late. :(
The Only Ones- Another Girl, Another Planet

edit: Also, Bright Eyes- Bowl Of Oranges
Okay girlies, listen up: you're about to get an education.

Once there was a boy, a rocker boy, a 70s rocker boy who played the guitar like a fucking demon. He had an incredibly sexy voice and was all kinds of beautiful, too. He was sort of a local phenomenon, he loved Colorado and played here a lot. Got his start here. He met a tragic end, this rocker boy. OD'ed on heroin. Damn. Why is it always heroin? So we have very little of his talent, but what we have is awesome. I think his vibe is something that one Mr. Griffiths would appreciate a lot. And I do, too. I hope you do as well.
Tommy Bolin - Bustin' Out for Rosey
Okaaayyy, I can't upload anything right now since I have to go to bed in a few minutes, BUT:

HERE's my entire playlist, so if anyone wants something, you can request as much as you want.

Okay, I'm starting things off with some Brian Jonestown Massacre. Genre? Indie, I guess.

I couldn't decide what songs to choose (because they're all good), so here is
Swallowtail - live
Just for Today
First post! Woo!

TRS-80 is very organic-sounding electronic music. This is one of their best songs.